Finn Folktales

Finn Folktales

Made in collaboration with Games Apptually, Become the legendary hero Finn McCool as he races across the Irish Sea! Join Finn on his quest and see if you can leap to the top score. Leap and dodge across the causeway as Finn's quest grows more and more challenging!


On this project we were to develop a new game on behalf of Games Apptually, this involved everything from design, coding, art and sound. It was our first major client project and we were developing as our first major game was soon to be released and some work was winding down on that. At a later stage we came back to this game with an updated version with various gameplay improvements and adapting the character art to match the National Trusts version of Finn Mc Cool.

My role

I was responsible for project management, worked on the game design along with Mark and helped with the programming, I was also responsible for quality assurance.

Art                                       Programming
Mark Quinn   Gavin Mc Laughlin
Delia Millan Martinez   Jim Murray
Scott McCorkell   Ciaran Callaghan
Niall McShane   Michael Gilmartin
Thomas Mc Closkey    
    Game Design
Project Management   Jim Murray
Jim Murray   Mark Quinn
On Behalf Of   Sound Design
Games Apptually   Alan Monaghan
    Christopher Norby


Games Apptually


31 July 2012


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