Aras Colmcille

Aras Colmcille

This project was done in collaboration with Journeyfor and G2 Design. The objective was to create an interactive interface for the new Aras Colmcille centre at the Long Tower Church in Derry.

This application would display in several built in touch screens both on iMacs and iPads, and information including text, video and images in relation to Colmcille and the Derry area would be available on both.

It was created through a content management system that allowed new information to be continually added and adapted.

My role

I had a few roles on this project, taking care of the project management, designing and coding the platform, making the minigames with Thomas and installing the system with Gavin.


Art                                       Programming
Journeyfor   Jim Murray
G2 Design    
Thomas Mc Closkey   UX Design
    Jim Murray
Project Managment    
 Jim Murray   Web Design
    Jim Murray
Jim Murray   Minigame 2 Development
Gavin Mc Laughlin   Jim Murray
    Thomas Mc Closkey
Minigame 1 Development    
Jim Murray   On Behalf Of
Thomas Mc Closkey   Journeyfor
    G2 Design




28 February 2014


Interactive Tech