Fires have sprouted up all over town, it’s up to you to put them out in this arcade style firetruck-em-up! Play as a squad of dogs who fight fires, filling in for the firemen who caught fleas! Drive through various open worlds fighting fire, saving townsfolk and building the best FireDawg Squad around!

Featuring local co-op, campaign modes, battle modes and more!


Firedawgs started out as a co-op on rails shooter called DogGunnit, then went to open world driving game with your dog pal, then eventually firetrucks run by dogs became the next logical conclusion. Our last version has fully working local co-op and solo modes and you can try it out on Gamejolt here:

You'll also find more updates and art that the team did throughout development too

My role

This project my main repsonsibilites were on Level Design as well as some help with Additional Art mainly some UVW unwrapping and tweaking some level art at times.



Art                                       Programming
Senior Artist   Michael Semple
Thomas Mc Closkey    
Art Team   Game Design
Courtney Sproule   Thomas Mc Closkey
Michael McDonald   Michael Semple
Niall Doherty    
Additional Art   Level Design
Emma Robinson   Thomas Mc Closkey
Michael Semple   Jim Murray
Jim Murray   Michael Semple
    Emma Robinson
Project Management    
Emma Robinson   Music
    Christopher Norby
Sound Effects   Alan Monaghan
Alan Monaghan    
Emma Robinson    


Troll inc
Troll inc


31 May 2017