Card Sharps 25 is digital version of the 25 card game popular in parts of Ireland and Canada. The game can be played by 3-10 players. The objective is to be the first player or team to twenty five points. 25 is played with a standard 52-card pack. In each deal, one suit will be chosen as trumps.


This is a game some of the team were familiar with growing up but realised there was no digital version of it, we spent a few days with the team knocking together a quick demo of it but never got time to do the full game.

My role

My main role on this project was the project management and some help in quality assurance and helping with the game design when needed.


Art                                       Programming
Tom Stockman   Darragh Lydon
Delia Millan Martinez   Lewis Farrall
Game Design   Project Management
Darragh Lydon   Jim Murray


Troll inc
Troll inc


11 March 2020