Jump Troll

Jump Troll

Jump Troll is an single screen platformer puzzle with sketchy style graphics. Jump from the bottom to the top while collecting cheese pieces to get to the next room!


This was in development alongside a few other projects (think maybe Seagull Swipe), We made a pretty decent prototype and we were unsure on which control scheme to use, we came back to it later with some changes and we were a bit more settled on the control scheme but it never went much further than the prototype due to other commitments.

My role

I mainly focused on project management but I also did some work with control schemes and quality assurance. 

Art                                       Programming
Thomas Mc Closkey   Ryan Mc Dermott
    Darragh Lydon
Game Design    
Thomas Mc Closkey   Project Management
    Jim Murray


Troll inc
Troll inc


30 April 2015