Democracy - The Board Game

Democracy - The Board Game

Its got climate change, human rights, the economy, civil unrest, social stability and elections. You can control and develop your education, health, agriculture, transport, housing or military. You can defeat the Dictator, or you can be the Dictator. Dictatorship or Democracy … YOU DECIDE! You are playing for Votes, and Votes mean Power. So will you gain Votes through co-operation or domination? Votes can be lost as well as won. Will an economic collapse take away all your votes, or will a natural disaster wipe out all your developments? Play DEMOCRACY… the fate of the world is in your hands.


This project we did for Geepy Games creator of the fantastic board game Democracy. Our job was to translate this game into an app for iOS. We created a game that had all the features of the game now in a digital format.

My role

I worked on the project management with help from Niall. I worked with the artists and programmers on finalising the UI and I also took care of quality assurance.

Art                                       Programming
Geepy Games   Felix Wentworth
Thomas Mc Closkey   Dominic Hasson
Niall Doherty   Niall Doherty
Tom Stockman   Gavin Mc Laughlin
Felix Wentworth    
Alan Monaghan   Sound Design
    Alan Monaghan
Project Management    
Jim Murray   On Behalf of
Niall Doherty   Geepy Games


Geepy Games


30 October 2014


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