Bosch App

Developed in partnership with Bosch Ltd and 360 Productions, this app was designed to showcase Bosch’s new home SensorTechnologies. The technology uses sensors in the home to determine ambient temperature and humidity, then features smart settings to tell users if doors had been left open etc... This information can be viewed on smart phones and handheld devices.

The app connected to the Bosch database that had collected home data, then displayed the data in a 3D representation of the booth, showing real time statistics for each sensor.

Used at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the largest technology conference of the year, it was imperative that the app functioned effectively and efficiently and held up to the high standards of the Bosch SensorTechnology.


We worked on this project with 360 Productions who supplied the finalised highly professional design work, models and everything we needed so that we could focus on the interactions. The project was a very short turnaround which Gavin did a great job throughout.

My role

I took care of the project management as well helping Gavin whenever needed.

Art                                       Programming
360 Productions   Gavin Mc Laughlin
Bosch Ltd.    
    Level Design
Installation   Gavin Mc Laughlin
Gavin Mc Laughlin    
    Project Management
On Behalf Of   Jim Murray
360 Productions    
Bosch Ltd.    


Bosch Ltd


07 January 2013


Interactive Tech