Can you crack the code and be the first to unlock the secrets of Codinca? Codinca is a board game developed by BackSpindle games an award winning Northern Irish based board games company We developed a digital game as a proof of concept for the team. In conjunction with the original developer we began the project midway through a project and refined and tweaked it into a polished proof of concept.


This project we did for BackSpindle games a board game design company well known for their Codinca board game, our role was to develop a digital proof of concept for the game. The project was an extremely fast turnaround, I think we had 2.5 weeks or so, but we pulled together a well polished proof of concept in that time.

My role

We all did a little bit of everything on this project, but my main role was the project management, working together on the UX design and heling out with the programming. I also managed the Quality Assurance.

Art                                       Programming
Backspindle Games   Gavin Mc Laughlin
Gavin Mc Laughlin   Darragh Lydon
Tom Stockman   Jim Murray
Project Management   UX Design
Jim Murray   Jim Murray
    Gavin Mc Laughlin
Music   Darragh Lydon
Alan Monaghan    
    On Behalf Of
Sound Design   Backspindle Games
Alan Monaghan    



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19 December 2014


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