Are you tired of losing doctor notes, forgetting appointments or even losing important paperwork, now you can leave all that at home with this simple app. Keep all your medical information in one easy app.

Record your medical updates all in one place

Secure your data with a personal login Appointment reminders will make sure you never miss a meeting again


We did this project as part of the School Apps challenge where students would come up with a concept and a local company would make it. MedicalMe was designed by Amy Mullan and Rachel McGivern of Thornhill College Derry and we worked together with them to bring their idea to life. This was a project with an extremely fast turnaround, we were also working on another School Apps project in parallel and the team did a great job at managing both.

My role

My main responsibility was on project management with Emma and Gavin helping me too, I also took care of the quality assurance.


Art                                       Programming
Felix Wentworth   Felix Wentworth
    Dominic Hasson
Project Management    
Jim Murray   On Behalf Of
Gavin Mc Laughlin   School App Challenge
Emma Robinson    
    App Design
    Amy Mullan
    Rachel McGivern


School App Challenge


31 March 2014