Finn Folktales Giant Rush

Play as the legendary hero Finn Mc Cool! Run from your nemesis: The giant Benandonner Travel through the Antrim coastline; avoiding obstacles along the way Just don’t let Benandonner catch you! How long can you last? Developed on behalf of Games Apptually


On this project we were to develop a new game on behalf of Games Apptually, this was a sequel to the previous Finn Folktales game we did with them. We did it over the course of 2 months and released on iOS and Android.

My role

I was responsible for project management, worked on the game design along with Gavin, I was also responsible for quality assurance.

Art                                       Programming
Niall McShane   Gavin Mc Laughlin
Marcus Kirk    
Ruth Thompson   Game Design
Ciaran Doherty   Jim Murray
Niall Doherty   Gavin Mc Laughlin
Thomas Mc Closkey    
Project Management   Christopher Norby
Jim Murray    
    Sound Effects
On Behalf Of   Alan Monaghan
Games Apptually    


Games Apptually


27 August 2014


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