Maze3: An Interactive Documentary; offers a virtually simulated, navigable version of the Maze and Long Kesh prison, a significant and contested symbol of the Northern Ireland conflict. Inside this simulated prison you can explore memories of former guards, prisoners, journalists and more.


This project was to build upon an already well developed research project based on the Maze prizon, our role was to bring the the 3D models and textures and from them build an explorable interactive environment and allow interactable icons where videos could be viewed.

My role

I was responsible for a good portion of this project, with some essential help from Darragh on the programming side, I took care of the scene design, sound design and project management.

Art                                       Programming
Jamie McRoberts   Darragh Lydon
Elucidate Ltd.   Jim Murray
Scene Design   Project Management
Jim Murray   Jim Murray
Sound Design   On Behalf Of
Jim Murray   Jamie McRoberts
    Elucidate Ltd.


Jamie McRoberts


19 December 2015


Interactive Tech