Unity Workshops

Unity Workshops

This project was done on behalf of Honeycomb, and in partnership with multiple educational institutes in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. The project was to create and deliver a series of workshops teaching the Unity games engine to a range of people from people who had no IT experience to experienced developers interested in researching games development.


Training material created included Unity Fundamentals, Unity Fundamentals with Blender, Advanced Programming with Unity, Advanced Unity Animation and VFX, Creating 3D assets for Unity using Maya. As well as training material created a series of videos were also made to accompany them to be hosted on the Honeycomb website.

We delivered training workshops of behalf of the following institutes: Dundalk IT, AmmA Centre Armagh, Ulster University Coleraine, Ulster University Magee

My role

My roles on this projet included, project management, helping make the training material, the video training material and helping deliver the workshops.


Training Material Development
                                      Workshop Trainers
Gavin Mc Laughlin   Gavin Mc Laughlin
Darragh Lydon   Darragh Lydon
Jim Murray   Ryan McDermott
    Jim Murray
Video Training Material Development    
Darragh Lydon
  Project Management
Niall Doherty   Jim Murray
Jim Murray   Gavin Mc Laughlin
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Honeycomb Creative Works    




30 October 2014