Game Workshops - Prince's Trust

Game Workshops - Prince's Trust

This project was done on behalf of Prince's Trust. The project was to create and deliver a series of workshops teaching the games development to range of young people on behalf of Prince's Trust, the course would run over a week.


Training material created included Introduction to Games, Game Design Fundamentals, Unity Fundamentals, Creating a 2D Platformer in Unity, Creating an Infinite Runner, Creating a Space Shooter, Finalising and Uploading a game online.

After the workshops follow up training was also available for any interested attendees. We ran these series of workshops on two occasions.

My role

My roles on this project included, project management and helping deliver the workshops.

Training Material Development                                       Workshop Trainers
Darragh Lydon   Jim Murray
Emma Robinson   Emma Robinson
Thomas Mc Closkey   Niall Doherty
Michael Semple   Michael Semple
Niall Doherty   Darragh Lydon
Project Management   On Behalf Of
Jim Murray   Prince's Trust
Emma Robinson    



Prince's Trust


09 November 2015