Jellyflug Antibody Assault

Jellyflug Antibody Assault

Eat all the germs! Dodge the enemies! You are the body's first line of defence!! Play as an Antibody defending the body from outside bacteria in Jellyflug Antibody Assault!! Collect all the germs to win the level and find how far you can reach but watch out as there enemies out to catch you too!!! Collect Powerups including Time Freeze,Magnets and Invisibility to help you reach as far as you can!!!

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Jellyflug Antibody Assault was our second game as a company,while we had other games in development at the time we wanted to develop something quickly using the wealth of art assets from Jellyflug. We also had a young team of placements who we wanted to give a base project to build off. The placement students were responsible for much of the game where I and Gavin Mc Laughlin would pop in and help troubleshoot or steer where needed.

My role

My main roles on this game were project management and managing the quality assurance.


Art                                       Programming
Felix Wentworth   Felix Wentworth
Odhran Gormley   Dominic Hasson
Thomas Mc Closkey   Odhran Gormley
    Shaun McCloskey
    Lewis Farrall
    Robert Wilson
    Michael Semple
Project Management   Game Design
Jim Murray   Lewis Farrall
Gavin Mc Laughlin    
    Quality Assurance
Music   Jim Murray
 Christopher Norby   Felix Wentworth
    Darragh Lydon
Sound Effects   Gavin Mc Laughlin
 Alan Monaghan   Thomas Mc Closkey
    Emma Robinson
Marketing   Catherine Murray
Emma Robinson   Dominic Hasson
    Ryan McDermott
Original Jellyflug Art   Michael Semple
Mark Quinn    
Delia Millan Martinez    
Scott McCorkell    


Troll inc


03 July 2014


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