Jellyflug Micro Adventures

Welcome to the Micro World of Jellyflug! Run, jump and battle your way through the micro-world of bacteria. PLATFORMING ADVENTURE Explore vast landscapes full of unique characters! Over 45 enormous levels of adventure! BATTLE Use your baby bacteria as ammo! Defend yourself from the onslaught of micro enemies CHARACTERS Over 45 characters; from friends to enemies Use unique microbes to give special power-ups Infectious platforming adventure! Jellyflug Micro Adventures is basically our directors cut version our first game Jellyflug complete with streamlined levels, improved visuals and controls.

Download Jellyflug Micro Adventures below!


The original Jellyflug game had a lot of things I really liked, but also a bunch more I wanted to improve, Originally this project started as just an update for Jellyflug, but some of the changes became bigger and bigger gameplay changes (chopping levels into smaller chunks to suit mobile play better). Instead we decided to make a sort of definitive edition of the game. This featured the newly streamlined levels, the much-improved visuals, better screen scaling for various resolutions, and controls for PC and Mac builds of the game.

My role

As this was built from Jellyflug I was very familiar with everything, the majority of the project was myself and Darragh Lydon working on the improvements. I took care of Game Design, Level Design changes, some visuals, helping with some programming and the project management.


Art                                       Programming
Mark Quinn   Darragh Lydon
Delia Millan Martinez   Gavin Mc Laughlin
Scott McCorkell   Jim Murray
Thomas Mc Closkey   Shane McCosker
    Felix Wentworth
Game Design    
Jim Murray   Music
    Christopher Norby
Original Concept    
Mark Quinn   Sound Effects
    Alan Monaghan
Level Design    
Jim Murray   Quality Assurance
Mark Quinn   Jim Murray
Darragh Lydon   Darragh Lydon
Gavin Mc Laughlin   Gavin Mc Laughlin
    Catherine Murray
Project Management   Mark Quinn
Jim Murray   Delia Millan Martinez
    Felix Wentworth
Business Development   Thomas Mc Closkey
Emma Robinson   Emma Robinson
    Scott McCorkell
Marketing   Augusto Gomez Eguiluz
Emma Robinson   Aoife Lorenc
    Megan McLaughlin
 Special Thanks   Alan Kelly
 Michael Callaghan   Conor Kelly
 NORIBIC   Hollie Cullen
    Jen Philpott
    Paddy Boyce
    Tommy Grier


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Troll inc


06 March 2015


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