Graffiti Grinder

GRIND! your way through the city and tag the streets with your GRAFFITI! But watch out, the Anti-Graffiti Squad is on your tail! DODGE! their traps and keep on tagging! GO! make your mark on the city!

Download Graffiti Grinder below!


Graffiti Grinder began as a partner project to our Seagull Swipe game, we had one game (Seagull Swipe) that would be our 3D endless runner and Graffiti Grinder would be our 2D one. The game was building off our previous games like Star Troll that were using prefabbed interlinking level maps with a level of randomisation. Graffiti Grinder would go on to become our highest downloaded game.

My role

My role in the project was helping with the game design, taking care of the project management and managing the quality assurance.


Art                                       Programming
Thomas Mc Closkey   Michael Semple
Matt Wilson   Peter Lynas
Tom Stockman   Martin Reid
    James Bradley
Game Design    
Jim Murray   Music
Thomas Mc Closkey   Christopher Norby
Project Management   Sound Effects
Jim Murray   Alan Monaghan
Marketing   Quality Assurance
Emma Robinson   Jim Murray
    Darragh Lydon
Business Development   Gavin Mc Laughlin
Emma Robinson   Thomas Mc Closkey
    Emma Robinson
Translations   Catherine Murray
French: Thumbstar Games   Michael Semple
Norwegian: Sandra Kleppe, Erikka Meidell   Martin Reid
    Peter Lynas
    Ryan McDermott


Troll inc
Troll inc


30 June 2015


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