LOOK OUT! There’s a raging seagull on the loose! STEALING food from upstanding citizens and causing chaos! Take flight! You are a seagull! Feel the wind blow through your feathers as you conquer the skies! Poo like you mean it! Seagulls are all about chaos. Aim your shot and let rip! What’s yours is mine! Literally steal candy from babies! Or maybe tins of tuna are more your thing? Steal those too! Watch out! General Overkill is going missile crazy! Avoid the dangers so you can live to poo another day!

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Seagull Swipe started life as a Starfox esque shooting game where you played as a Seagull, after much trial and error we tried differing control schemes and went for a more on rails touch based swipe system. It was our largest project to date at the time, but was an easier project to manage thanks to having more experience. We released onto various mobile platforms in 2015 and it became our highest grossing game.

My role

I had a few roles on Seagull Swipe, but my primary one was the game design, it was a game that required a lot of experimentation. I also took care of the project management, managed the quality assurance, finding finance for the project and anything else that was needed at the time.



Art                                       Programming
Thomas Mc Closkey   Ryan McDermott
Niall Doherty   Darragh Lydon
Tom Stockman   Gavin Mc Laughlin
Erin Murray   Jim Murray
Shaun Whoriskey   Felix Wentworth
Tom Stockman   Michael Gilmartin
Rebecca Monaghan   Ciaran Callaghan
    Dominic Hasson
Project Management   Augusto Gomez Eguiluz
Jim Murray   Christopher McGuckin
Music   Game Design
Christopher Norby   Jim Murray
    Gavin Mc Laughlin
Sound Effects    
Alan Monaghan   Quality Assurance
    Jim Murray
Marketing   Darragh Lydon
Emma Robinson   Gavin Mc Laughlin
    Catherine Murray
Business Development   Ryan McDermott
Emma Robinson   Michael Semple
    Martin Reid
Special Thanks   Felix Wentworth
NI Screen   Thomas Mc Closkey
    Emma Robinson
    Alan Kelly
    Conor Kelly
    Hollie Cullen
    Jen Philpott
    Paddy Boyce
    Tommy Grier


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Troll inc


03 February 2015


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