Terramentals is a strategy focused turn based battle game. In Terramentals you use a combination of chess like movements to control your creatures called Terramentals. These Terramentals each have a unique terrain changing ability; Fire types will create magma grids, water types will create lakes etc. It combines the turn based strategy of games like Fire Emblem, with the monster capturing of games like Pokémon. There are 21 different Terramentals and you can capture them all during the game.


This game was developed in stages in 2012 and 2013; it was a massive undertaking as the game would require online infastructure, campaign modes, full battle mechanics and leveling systems, over 21 different 3D monsters and a variety of tile models. The final demo we made had a fully working battle system, with the demo ready graphics and fully working online battling and chat features. We decided to focus on other projects as I couldn't find a way to shrink the scope of the project to something that we could afford to do without extensive outside finance.

My role

I had a few different roles on Terramentals with the main being the game design and project management. Myself and Darragh went back and forth on possibilities for the gameplay and what we ended up with worked pretty well. We also worked together on the battle map design. I also helped out iin programming and some tweaking in the art.


Art                                       Programming
Tom Stockman   Augusto Gomez Eguiluz
Mark Quinn   Darragh Lydon
Delia Millan Martinez   Gavin Mc Laughlin
Scott McCorkell   Jim Murray
Thomas Mc Closkey   Ciaran Harrigan
Gavin Mc Laughlin    
Jim Murray   Game Design
    Jim Murray
Level Design   Darragh Lydon
Jim Murray    
Darragh Lydon   Project Management
    Jim Murray
Sound Effects    
Alan Monaghan   Music
     Christopher Norby
     Alan Monaghan


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Troll inc


01 April 2013